Both are master musicians, riveting performers, soulful and expressive
singers. Both are hit songwriters, together having sold millions of copies
of their songs around the world. Both have written for television, motion
pictures, and have toured and performed in many of the most prestigious
venues in the world.Both have grown and developed through years of
creating the soundtrack for so many lives.

They have diverse backgrounds, but as veterans of the now legendary
Boston music scene, they intersect with a shared history and common
love and appreciation for the roots of what makes music move us. A
collective respect and enthusiasm for the personal journey music offers
both performer and listener.

As much as that intersection of styles, influences, and backgrounds makes
this collaboration work so well, it’s where those vertices lead that gives it
such a rich scope and range.

Jon Butcher and Charlie Farren have now combined forces to present a
new Duet that is more than a sum of the parts. Their unique talents multiply
each other, creating an evening that is instrumentally stunning, vocally
powerful, lyrically touching, and just plain fun! 

Join Charlie Farren and Jon Butcher for stories of Luck, Lust, and Love.

Presenting FARREN-BUTCHER, Inc., Spreading music and joy soon in
theatres near you!